Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Miss Stardoll World Semi Finalists

Miss stardoll world's first round has just ended on the 17th september. 

In total, 800 Stardolls have made it through to the semi finals. So a big Congratulations if you are one of those 800 dolls. Below are the contestants that got through from the U.K:
So well done to those girls/boys. Aswell as to all the other Semi Finalists.
Below is some more info about the Semi Finals.
  • Voting for this round starts on 18 September and will take place on the campaign page.
  • Voting will end on 10 October, when we will present the judges for the Grand finale.
  • 20 from each country
  • 20 from each of continent (America, Europe, Africa & Asia) aka Continent semis.
  • You can only vote once!
  • You can only vote for a contestant from your country.
Glamourgirl191 xoxo

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Miss Stardoll World 2012!

At last. The biggest competition of Stardoll finally here. With over 190 million dolls competing for this year Miss Stardoll World.
All members are entered automatically and can be voted by pressing the 'Vote' button, which are in all members' suites - a blue crown - as in the picture above.
There will as normal be a Grand Prize, Second Place&3rd Place.


The winner will have her doll created for the Stardoll dress up doll gameTwo whole years of Superstar membership for FREEBecome a Royalty member2000 Stardollars2000 StarcoinsExclusive Miss Stardoll World Crown / Tiara (in game)Exclusive Miss Stardoll World sash (in game)One gorgeous wardrobe filled with stylish and luxurious clothesWinner gets inducted into MSW Wall of Fame (There will be a wall in the Stardoll office reserved for framed pictures of all Miss Stardoll Winners)A tiara (delivered to winner’s home)Winner of Stardoll Barbie dolls (2)Big prize – Digital Camera (Capture your inspiration)Unlocks Achievement for being a finalistTrading Cards (Virtual / Real).


6 Months of Superstar membership for FREEBecome a Royalty member1000 Stardollars1000 Starcoins, Crown and Sash (in game)A tiara (delivered to winner’s home)Winner of Barbie dolls (2)Unlocks Achievement for being a finalist.


3 Months of Superstar membership for FREEBecome a Royalty member500 Stardollars500 StarcoinsCrown and Sash (in game)A tiara (delivered to winner’s home)Winner of Barbie dolls (2)Unlocks Achievement for being a finalist.

I wish everyone the best of luck and would really appreciate any votes for me, which i'd  return to you. Thankyou. Any questions? Just ask!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Leveled Up!

Stardolls all new level up system helps stardoll members track their progress that they are making on Stardoll. The more levels you achieve the more bonus items and features you unlock! 

How can I level up?

There are two ways to level up, these are by completing achievements or earning Starcoins. When you earn the Starcoins you receive a few Starpoints and as you collect more and more Starpoints you'll notice how much you're unlocking!  You'll be able to see this in the progress bar beside your Avatar and it will also show how many points you will require to attain the next level.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!
Glamourgirl191. x

Hii, welcome to the Stardoll Everything Blog

Hii stardolls, welcome to the Stardoll Everything Blog!
I'm Glamourgirl191, please visit me on stardoll. 
I've made this blog to help all you members with earning starpoints, starcoins and stardollars, earning FREE items, making presentations, sceneries, albums and all that :D .. Along with the latest on stardoll, and newest features..etc..etc 
Thanks for visiting, and check it often..
                   Glamourgirl191  :D xx